Non-Immigrant Visas

Business-Related Visa Options

B-1: Tourist visa for business purposes. The foreign national must have no intent to abandon home country. The foreign national cannot do anything in the U.S that you can hire someone else to do. A B-1 Visa holder can enter the country for up to six months and can request an extension of up to one year.

H-1B: Employment visa option for people working in a specialty occupation that requires at least a BA in a specified field, ex. Software Engineer. A labor condition application is required, the employer must pay the employee the prevailing wage for that position. There is a cap for these every year. The H1B visa holder may enter the U.S. For up to 3years and can request an extension for another 3 years. The employee is allowed to change employers once H1B is approved. Specific steps must be taken to change employers.

O-1: Visa option for people with extraordinary ability. Ex. Athletes, musicians etc.

E-1/E-2: Requires an existing treaty between the U.S and home country. The foreign national is coming to facilitate trade or investment. Spouse following to join can obtain employment authorization

P-1: Internationally recognized athletes, and members of internationally recognized entertainment groups performing in specific events

P-2: Artists and entertainers who enter under reciprocal exchange programs

P-3: Entertainers or artists who would provide programs that are culturally unique

Other Visa Options

F-1 Student visa: For full-time student or students approved for reduced course load. Student cannot work except on campus for 20hrs. Students may apply for CPT while in school and OPT after graduation. STEM Students may also apply for OPT extension.  

J-1 Exchange visa: Mutual exchange programs, fellowships, postdoctoral program. There is a foreign residence requirement and waiver. The Foreign national must go back to home country unless you get a waiver

H-3: For students attending an established training program with classroom component

K-1 visa: The fiancée visa, the couple must have seen each other within 2 years of the application and must marry within 90 days of entry of the Foreign national.

R Visa: For religious workers, the religious institution files a petition on behalf of the foreign religious worker.