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Massachusetts Divorce

We understand how stressful the divorce process can be for the individual and the family.  So here at Lilly Legal we will guide you through every step of the process.

In Massachusetts a married couple wishing to end the marriage can either file a joint petition or one of the parties files a complaint for divorce, also known as a contested (1B) and uncontested (1A) divorce. A contested divorce is one in which one spouse files a complaint for divorce. An uncontested divorce is one in which the couple reach an agreement as to property division, child custody, child support, etc. and file a joint petition for divorce.

A 1A divorce petition in most circumstances receive a court date within one month of the filing of the petition. If the judge accepts the separation agreement at the court hearing, a judgement for divorce nisi will be entered and the divorce would be final 120 days from that court date. After the filing of a 1B divorce complaint, a divorce hearing may not occur for six months. However if the parties execute a separation agreement they can get a closer court date and turn the contested divorce into a 1A joint petition for divorce.

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