Family Immigration

Obtaining a Green Card through a Family Member

If youLPR are a United States Citizen or Permanent resident seeking to obtain a green card for your family member there are options available to you. Here at Lilly Legal we understand the importance of being with your family. We work hard to reunify you and your family through immigrant Visas.


Options for United States Citizens

A U.S. Citizen may file for a spouse, children (unmarried and under 21), Sons and Daughters (married and/or over 21), parents and siblings (if citizen is over 21).

Spouses, children (unmarried and under 21), and Parents of U.S Citizens qualify as Immediate relatives. This means that there is always a visa available for them, this cuts down the waiting time. If the immediate relative is physically present in the U.S then they can file an I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) and I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residency or Adjust Status) at the same time. However, if the Immediate Relative is outside the U.S then they must file I-130 and go through consular processing in the foreign country.

Family members that are not immediate relatives are divided into four preference categories. The categories determine how long the person will have to wait before obtaining a visa.


Options for Permanent Residents

The Options for a Permanent Resident is more limited than those for a U.S. Citizen. A Permanent resident may apply for a spouse, unmarried children under 21 and unmarried son or daughter over 21. Permanent Residents do not get the benefit of Immediate relatives so their relatives must wait for a visa to become available before applying for a green card. the length of wait is dependent on the preference categories.


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